Hi, my name is J. Rosemarie, and I'm the host of SoloMoms! Talk podcast.

SoloMoms! Talk exists so mothers raising children alone can share their stories.  Stories such as the fight for child support.  Stories of running on empty so your kids have what they need.  It is also where we learn about the strength, courage, and triumph of moms raising children solo.

It's no secret that mothers raising children alone have unique challenges.

As a divorced mom of three adult sons, I am familiar with the emotional, financial, and interpersonal relationship challenges that come with mothering solo.


This podcast gives solo moms the opportunity to speak their truth without judgment or condemnation.

Expert interviews give solo moms tips and tactics to manage their mindset for better decision-making.  As well as strategies on how to take a break and connect so they can reduce stress and overwhelm. 

Ideal Guest

Current or former solo moms; service providers or organizational leaders; experts in finance, health,  self improvement , etc., as it relates to the unique challenges of the solo mom. Thank you.

My background

I've spent the last 25 + years raising three sons mostly solo.

Professionally I have more than 30 years working in finance, real estate, and insurance.  I've held 9-5 jobs as well as run my own insurance agency and nonprofit.

My mission

My mission is to reach solo moms globally with a message of hope and restoration.

And to reduce the number of solo moms worldwide.

When you tune in to this podcast, you will hear the stories of moms who have focused on the needs of their kids.  Sometimes to their own detriment.

"I loved this & think you’re so inspiring to do this for solo moms! Congratulations on your successes!!!! I am proud to have been part of telling a story someone might need to hear!"

Anita J. Hill
Former guest of the show


Thank you for sharing your story as well as other stories we need to hear.  The interview with Lydia being abused and kicked out of her home was so powerful and raw. I appreciate you covering all topics of motherhood. Please remember that your'e doing great!"

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What to expect from SoloMoms! Talk

Here's what to expect from the show:

  • Publishes by 9am EST every Wednesday
  • Each episode can include
    • An interview with a solo mom telling her story
    • Expert interview (lifestyle, health, mindset, parenting, etc.)
    • Listener reviews
    • Me telling my own story or making a presentation
  • Available in all places where podcasts can be found


"I just heard the interview on SoloMom . You did a fantastic job,. I love the interview and even more I love the nuggets on the end about regrets and condemnation. That was a whole sermon for me and I'm sure others can benefit from that on time word. Thank you again for the experience. Keep allowing God to use you for Kingdom advancement!"

Sharee Brown, podcast guest
Atlanta, GA

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