New Mommy After 40 – Kelly Hopkins

At the age of 40, Kelly Hopkins realized that life was not working the way she imagined it.

But she didn’t let the end of a committed relationship stop her from having children. She fulfilled a life long desire to adopt.

She started by making radical changes to her life. She also realized that for things to change, she had to change. So she quit her job, moved to Costa Rica with her two young children, and started an arts exploration business.

Kelly helps women get unstuck, clarify their purpose, and unleash their passion.

When you feel overwhelmed, go to your kids, hug them and remember why you are doing this” ~~ Kelly Hopkins

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Kelly Hopkins is the founder of Soul Art Exploration, a stress management coaching business. She says that Soul Art came from an Art Connection Group she started with her neighbors in Costa Rica drawing on my 26 years of social services work in LA.

Intro song “Desperate” by Damien Ellison

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