BONUS: Fix What’s Broken

By J. Rosemarie | 11/09/2020 |

To become a better person, you have to become whole. Becoming whole means getting help to heal from the traumas of childhood. Or even the last relationship.Healing and fixing brokenness helps us become better parents. And help us to handle co-parenting in a more productive way.Being whole gives us clarity to become better partners in…

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Education for a New Age – Lindsey Wander

By J. Rosemarie | 11/03/2020 |

Now that most children are distance learning, parents are tasked with finding innovative ways to accommodate their experiences. It is an excellent opportunity to incorporate teachable moments in their daily lives. These moments can lead to lifelong learning, as we bond with them. Professionals like Lindsey have found ways to bring the classroom into your…

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Winning the Race Against Breast Cancer – Fitz Koehler

By J. Rosemarie | 10/27/2020 |

According to the CDC, breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women. Fitness instructor and race announcer, Fitz Koehler describes her fight against this devastating disease. She was diagnosed only weeks after getting a clean mammogram. Her book “My Noisy Cancer Comeback“, describes her journey. You can get an autograph copy by visiting…

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Strengthening Your Moving Potential – Dr. Meghan Braun

By J. Rosemarie | 10/20/2020 |

Busy moms do not have to skip exercise or neglect physical injuries. Dr. Meghan Braun, PT share her tips on how you can fit exercise into your schedule. She also reveals strategies that can help you heal when you are injured. Dr. Meghan can guide you on taking care of your body through physical therapy and…

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Listen to Your Heart. Not the Naysayers – Naomi Mamiye

By J. Rosemarie | 10/09/2020 |

Naomi Mamiye designs hospitals, hotels, nursing facilities, drug rehab centers, corporate offices and investment properties across the U.S Yes this solo mom of 4, against odds is a successful desgner. Despite being laughed at when she mentioned to her ex that she was starting her own design firm. NOTE: SoloMoms! Talk exists so mothers raising children…

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Discover What You Love – Sheila Stone

By J. Rosemarie | 10/07/2020 |

This solo mom did not grab a rocking chair after her kids flew the nest. As an empty nester Sheila went back to school sometimes taking the same classes as her son. She talks about her experience going back to school and graduating magna cum laude with a BA in cultural anthropology when she was 52…

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EDUCATION SERIES (Part 2): How to Earn a College Degree for Less – Bonnie Burkett

By J. Rosemarie | 09/29/2020 |

Studies show that college graduates earn more on average than high school graduates.  But how do you get a college degree without putting yourself into a financial sinkhole? This week’s SoloMoms! Talk podcast guest, Bonnie Burkett lays out a framework for successfully earning a college degree in a fraction of the time without mortgaging your…

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Do it Anyway

By J. Rosemarie | 09/27/2020 |

Every now and then I like to record my thoughts instead of writing a blog post.  I hope my message resonates with you.  How often do you allow your fears or other people to distract you from your goals?  If you are not doing the work you were called to do, your light cannot shine. …

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EDUCATION SERIES (Part 1): Raising Superheroes – Kelly Radi

By J. Rosemarie | 09/21/2020 |

Author, speaker, and mom of two adult daughters, Kelly Radi sat down with me to talk about raising teenagers.  In the first of this Education Series, Radi also reiterates that we should use the college application process as a teachable moment.    We talked about: – keeping the line of communications open with our teens…

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Fix What’s Broken So You Can Create Amazing and Enviable Relationships – Roman Mironov

By J. Rosemarie | 09/17/2020 |

Relationships take work.  Loving another person can be complicated because your hearts and emotions are involved.  But when we experience a breakup it can seem like our life is over.  Experts like Roman Mironov can guide you to unhinge yourself from the pain of a broken heart. He can give you the tools and strategies…

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