Rise of a Unicorn – Alicia Johnson

By J. Rosemarie | 09/09/2020 |

Alicia raised two daughters solo during the past 14 years.  She sees getting married very young as a factor in becoming a solo mom. Age seems to be a running theme for a number of divorced solo moms.What can be done about young people getting married early?  Would marriage education — and not just a…

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New Mom. New Divorcée. New Outlook – Natasha Phrsai

By J. Rosemarie | 09/01/2020 |

Natasha is navigating her path as a new mom who is also newly divorced.  She is embracing this new chapter in her life.  One of the ways she copes is by taking care of herself by losing her baby weight. We find many ways to cope with loss.  Natasha has given herself permission to focus…

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Designing Effective Co-Parenting – Eugenie Burton

By J. Rosemarie | 08/26/2020 |

One of the challenges we face as solo moms is how to effectively co-parent with our ex.  It goes without saying that however it’s done, that the process benefits our children.  Also, do you panic because you are approaching your 40’s or 50’s and you think your life is over?  Hear Eugenie’s take on coming…

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Stemming Negative Generational Patterns in KC – Misty Hughes

By J. Rosemarie | 07/14/2020 |

We often are concerned that we have to maintain the negative patterns of our families.  Nothing could be further from the truth. We are not our genetics.  We don’t have to become the person we are running away from. Today’s guest is solo mom of 4, Misty Hughes.   Misty is the Founder and Director…

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Life is Messy. So Embrace Your Struggles – Ashley Street

By J. Rosemarie | 07/07/2020 |

She mothers 5 children solo while working full time, managing a side business, and training for a spartan race. How does she do it? She tries not to get tripped up by the little things (4:10). Ashley Street has learned that just because she is a solo mom doesn’t mean she has to do it alone. For example,…

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How to Achieve Optimal Health – Gunther Mueller

By J. Rosemarie | 06/30/2020 |

Optimal health can be an elusive phenomenon for the busy solo mom. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with International speaker and health coach, Gunther Mueller about that. Gunther spends a lot of his time training medical professionals, but he spends just as much time educating “regular folks” on how to take care of…

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How to Tap Into Your Spiritual Well – Murielle Fellous

By J. Rosemarie | 05/12/2020 |

Health has been at the top of everyone’s mind lately.  My guest today will speak to our mental and emotional health coupled with spirituality. Murielle Fellous is an intuitive life coach who is also the founder of the Single Moms Doing it All podcast. She is passionate about wanting to help solo moms prevent the…

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Married But Solo – Allison Banfield

By J. Rosemarie | 05/05/2020 |

In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing my friend Allison Banfield. Listen to how this married mom of two exercise love and compassion even in the face of continued betrayal. Allison and I have served together and I admire her so much, especially for her strength and perseverance. I really love how she…

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Lessons Learned From Two Mice

By J. Rosemarie | 05/04/2020 |

In this bonus episode of SoloMoms! Talk, I touched on ways we react when faced with an unexpected disaster in the context of the book, Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson With social distancing, mass unemployment, not to mention death, the novel coronavirus has turned our world upside down.  “Bad things do happen in…

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BONUS_Merry Christmas

By J. Rosemarie | 12/25/2019 |

Merry Christmas to you.  I hope your holiday season is a joyful and peaceful one.   And as we go beyond Christmas towards a New Year and a new decade, may you have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year. Thanks for listening, subscribing, and sharing SoloMoms! Talk podcast.  I look forward to interviewing many more…

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