Finally A Roof Over Her Head – Lydia Cicarelli

By J. Rosemarie | 09/11/2019 |

What’s it like to be homeless with a young child, even for a short while? Today, I speak with Lydia Cicarelli who has learned how to balance long work hours working as a welder, with raising a rambunctious 4-year-old. This extraordinary young woman is not too proud to be vulnerable and expresses gratitude despite her…

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Starting Over and Looking Ahead – Sharee Brown

By J. Rosemarie | 09/03/2019 |

As a mother of a 20-year-old college sophomore, Sharee Brown has managed to learn from her mistakes as a young woman.  She left her hometown 17 years ago and moved to a new state so that both she and her son could have a better life. A safer life. Today, Sharee is looking forward to…

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Time To Move On – Alicia Hill

By J. Rosemarie | 08/27/2019 |

Despite health challenges, broken relationships, and the devastating loss of her sister, Alicia has overcome the odds to become an upstanding and contributing member of her community. She not only offers her home as a safe haven for dogs she rescues, but she also encourages solo moms to ask for help when you need it.…

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BONUS_Don’t Give Up

By J. Rosemarie | 08/19/2019 |

This short bonus content touches on the overwhelmingly similar response I got from solo moms I have interviewed so far, to the question: What one piece of advice would you give to a solo mom listening now? It’s uncanny when you think about it.  Listen now. Disclosure: This episode contains affiliate links.  Which means I…

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She Finds Success by Showing Tough Love – Sonia Manborde

By J. Rosemarie | 08/17/2019 |

Loving our children sometimes call for that love to be tough.  In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing my long time friend Sonia Manborde. Sonia and I go waay back from our time growing up in England. We even once sang in an all-girls group together.   Join me as Sonia shares her…

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Life in a Club Sandwich – Shara Jones

By J. Rosemarie | 08/15/2019 |

In this episode I talk to Shara Jones who is a 52 yo mom of 2 adult children.  Hear how she lost her husband and why she describes herself as being part of a club sandwich. But that’s just the beginning of the story of this extraordinary mom. From celebrating 30 years with the same…

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SoloMoms! Talk Intro – solo moms have unique life challenges and experiences

By J. Rosemarie | 08/07/2019 |

On this trailer episode of SoloMoms! Talk, I briefly tell my story of how I started on this journey of being a solo mom.  Listen to future episodes as I interview moms about their challenges and experiences raising kids alone. Support this show by becoming a Patron. Disclosure: This episode contains affiliate links.  Which means…

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