Weaving Stories Where Children Learn in Pods – Geraldine Schmid

By | 01/19/2021 |

Gerald Schmid is a solo mom who encourages children to develop leadership and communication skills by working in teams on Pods she creates. Through her Story Weaver platform she’s on the cutting edge of a changing education landscape.Our conversation also covers her experience as a solo mom, while creating multiple businesses.Some thoughts to consider: If…

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This Solo Moms Leveled up Even During Pandemic – Diji Sujahi

By | 01/11/2021 |

Mothering solo can happen even while you are still married. It doesn’t matter if you are married if dad is not engaged in co-parenting and providing for his family. Points: guilt is common among solo moms a mom is not a substitute for a dad but we do our best even on lockdown in a…

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New Mommy After 40 – Kelly Hopkins

By | 01/04/2021 |

At the age of 40, Kelly Hopkins realized that life was not working the way she imagined it. But she didn’t let the end of a committed relationship stop her from having children. She fulfilled a life long desire to adopt. She started by making radical changes to her life. She also realized that for…

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Bullying Part 2 – Help Kids Gain Confidence – Simon Benn

By | 12/29/2020 |

In Part 2 of Bullying, I continue the conversation with Simon about how resilient children are. He discusses his process in helping kids to understand and determine what being bullied means to them. Through his work, Simon helps children rebuild confidence in themselves by taking their focus away from the bully. Being bullied is not…

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BONUS: Successful Goal Setting Principles

By | 12/21/2020 |

At the end of each year you make a decision to set your New Year’s resolution. But that is a failed experiment. This is evident from studies done that shows only 7% of Americans are successful in achieving their New Year’s resolution goals. Why is it so hard to keep resolutions? They are not personal…

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Bullying Part 1 – It’s Not You It’s Them – Simon Benn

By J. Rosemarie | 12/15/2020 |

Bullying is prevalent in all areas of life. It starts with school children and can be very painful for the victims. Bullying also takes place at work and in cyberspace. It all adds up to the same thing. One human being abusing another. #itsnotyouitsthem Build emotional resilience in kids Bullies have problems they take out on others Some adults take…

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He Kidnapped the Kids and Took Them to Another Country – Lizbeth Meredith

By J. Rosemarie | 12/09/2020 |

Solo moms do not always choose to raise children solo. But we are great of making lemonade with the lemons life hands us. Lizbeth Meredith shares her story of enduring domestic abuse. She also suffered in anguished when her ex kidnapped their two young daughters and took them to another country. Thankfully, all that is…

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He’s Serving Overseas. She’s Serving at Home – Doris Brandford

By J. Rosemarie | 11/30/2020 |

Do you ever wonder what’s happening to a service member’s family while they are overseas? Who’s taking care of their children, for instance? In today’s episode, I talk to Doris Branford who is an army wife. That means this young mother has to handle life at home while he serves overseas.  Being a solo mom doesnt’…

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Teaching Solo Moms to Fish – Susanne “Sanni” Rosebrock

By J. Rosemarie | 11/17/2020 |

Susanne “Sanni” Rosebrock heads the Moms and Mentors program at 1UP Victoria. 1UP Victoria provides resources such as counseling, workshops, and much more to single parents. Sometimes organization struggle to provide basic care to the community they serve. It is impressive to note that 1UP Victoria not only provide for basic needs such as food…

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Don’t Let Your Past Define Your Present or Future – Jacque Murrell (LadyJ)

By J. Rosemarie | 11/11/2020 |

I’m not surprised that solo moms are busting the myths that have surrounded single motherhood. LadyJ is one of those moms who has not allowed childhood abuse or bad marriages to define her. Still, we need to remember to take care of ourselves. Not doing so can come back to haunt us. Because then we…

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